Our Team

Franclin Verla

As CEO and risk management expert, Frank brings his years of experience in the banking and investment industry to benefit Falcon Global FX. With a Master’s degree in quantitative finance, he oversees all our risk management strategies to make sure our clients have the best capability to reduce the risk of market and currency fluctuations. His investment managing skills bring tremendous value as we know our clients are facing challenges well known to our team.

A word from our CEO

Having studied and worked abroad has brought challenges since I had to exchange and send money to pay for bills and taxes back home. Having to send money the old way, I had to pay tremendous amounts of fees and plan far ahead to avoid payment delays. I created this business so people and businesses don’t have to face this challenge so they can focus on running their business and taking care of what matters most to them. Every month we move money for hundreds of people and businesses saving them thousands of dollars on transaction fees and foreign-exchange rates. Join us and start saving!