International Invoice Payments

International Invoice Payment

When invoicing international clients and accepting payments in foreign currencies, businesses often prefer using commonly used currencies. However, this might not be practical for some of your overseas customers.

The advantage of invoicing and being paid in domestic currency is that there is no exchange rate risk. However, facilitating payment in your customers’ own currency is good for customer relations and good for your business.

At Falcon Global FX, we can receive your international invoice payments and deposit the transferred currency directly into your business or personal account.


International payments nationwide

Today’s technologies have made the world much smaller and widened markets for global businesses. However, when it comes to sending and receiving payments in foreign currencies, we have to be speaking the same language.

When you open an account with Falcon Global FX, you’ll be able to receive international money transfers hassle-free. Simply enter the amount of your invoice in your customer’s currency. You will know right away what the exchange rate is and the exact amount it costs you. No surprise, no hidden fees, and the best exchange rate on the market.

Also, paying an international invoice with a bank could end up costing more than the amount of the invoice. You will have to pay currency conversion fees and exchange rate margins as well as transfer fees. Not so with us!

Open your account online and boost your international business!

Receive international payments online

Banks and some online payment services charge hefty sums to process your international payments or invoices. At Falcon Global FX, our fees are minimal, and we look for the best exchange rate for your currency.

If you are concerned your business might be exposed to currency risk, ask us about our risk assessment solutions.

Falcon Global FX’s International Invoicing is safe, easy and quick. We also are in complete compliance with domestic and international tax laws.


Banks vs. Falcon Global FX

If you have or are considering opening a foreign currency account with your bank,
you might have noticed that:

you are paying monthly account fees
there is no Market Risk Assessment plan included
the bank is taking a considerable margin when converting your funds
other fees related to an international transaction

This can add up to a lot of money that’s not going into your pockets. Open an account with Falcon Global FX to save big on exchange rate margins and fees.

Create your account online now. One of our friendly customer service reps will call you shortly to you to explain the process and answer all your questions.