Currency Exchange for Business

Exchange Rates and Global Business Services

We offer custom-made solutions for business and all of our clients are served by a dedicated currency specialist. We make sure your business has the best currency rate for your daily international transaction and we plan ahead for the future with personalized market risk solutions tailored for your business and personal needs. We are committed to not only help your business but also provide our customers with a personal solution for their own needs. Our one-on-one consultation allows us to understand all your needs and find the solution that’s right for you. Get your dedicated specialist today!


Currency Exchange for Business

Instant Orders

Instant orders service is when you buy the currency right away. Your currency specialist will find the best rate available at that time and secure your purchase so we can wire or deliver your funds to your account.

Future transactions

Planning an important transaction? Talk to your account manager about reserving your rate in advance so you can secure the best rate for your big transaction. You can always request a specific rate and we will be on the hunt for you. If the market allows, we will reserve your rate and make sure you get the currency you need.

Why use Falcon Global FX for all your business foreign currency transactions?

Benefits of using Falcon Global FX as your international money transfer provider:


Real-time updates on transactions

You are able to track all your international transfers with our transaction tracker.


We know that timing is everything. Therefore, we process your foreign currency transfer quickly.

Secure transactions

Our online form is secure and easy to use.

Direct deposit

Your funds are deposited directly into your personal or business account.

Minimal fees

Our fees are extremely low, and some transactions are free. Talk to one of our service representatives to know how you can save more money.

Always Open

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are in the world, you don’t have to worry about time zones to use our services.

Market risk assessment

Minimize your foreign currency trade risks thanks to Falcon Global FX’s experts.

Get your dedicated specialist today